MIRROR offers advice on finance processes and systems because it's our passion. And we're not just passionate about figures — we also have the best qualifications for advising your company on how to improve your finance processes and systems. Our Advisors are among the most skilled and experienced of their kind — MIRROR boasts rock solid experience, deeply rooted in the Nordic business community.

Set up a meeting with one of our Advisors and see for yourself what strategic finance process and system optimisation can do for your company — in everyday life, and on the bottom line.

Outsourcing Services

Have you reached the limit of efficiency in your accounting department? With MIRROR's offshore concept, you can do even better! MIRROR's Outsourcing Services do not work magic on numbers, although it might seem so — we're simply adding equal measures of experience, knowledge and rational business reasoning. For one, we operate entirely from our offshore site in Vilnius — still, we set you up with local customer service and delivery agents, so to you, we'll always be just around the corner.

Call us, and let's talk about how your company can reduce costs by 30% by letting MIRROR take care of Finance & Accounting.