Advisory is specialized in the accounting field - and performing advisory and managerial commissions


Advisory is a consultancy unit within accounting, and carries out counselling- and managerial commissions within the fields of

• accounting services – organization, quality, efficiency, cost
• accounting and tax – accounting principles, M&A, tax, VAT
• accounting processes – best practice processes
• accounting systems – how systems support the organization and its processes, interface, system changes, system options
• professional project management
• management for hire

We have many experienced advisors with practical knowledge within these fields. Our focus is to understand the challenges and external conditions of both the organization and its staff. This provides the best basis for a holistic understanding and consultation of the client.

For those of our customers who seek a higher quality in their accounting services or who are in a process of change, whether mergers, acquisitions or reorganizations, we can contribute to raising the standard of their processes through a review of ERP-systems, organisational alignment, and process optimaisation.

We shall also be an asset to clients who need support within operational functions such as tax, VAT and other challenges within the field of accounting.

We provide advice both on single free-standing issues and through a general overall check of your accounting function. Our deliveries are accommodated to fit your requirements, and we offer our services on both hourly and project basis.