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Mirror Review

The Mirror Review concept has been developed by Mirror Accounting and involves a complete analysis of the accounting department of your organization, or of selected areas within this function. The aim is to focus on quality and efficiency and advise on actions to improve efficiency of the processes.

Mirror Review English

Information about the elements:

• Organization / staffing – The relationship between the accounting function and the rest of the organization and its business. Staffing and competence
• Processes – Assessment and benchmarking of processes compared to best practice
• Systems / interface – Assessment of ERP systems and how they support the organization and its processes. Review of accounting related interfaces.
• Quality / compliance– Assessment of quality and compliance in your accounting and reporting processes
• Costs – Benchmarking the cost of your accounting function compared to best practice
• Change management – How does the accounting function accomplish and implement its improvement processes
• Strategy – assessment of business strategy compared to the accounting strategy